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For Pastor and Techie
There are sessions designed to help pastors understand the importance of technology in ministry. There will also be sessions to increase the techies understanding and awareness of technology available to help the church fulfill its goals.

Less Hassle More Ministry
Our goal is to help your ministry have less hassle with the technology and be able to do more ministry with this powerful tool.  Come prepared to get your questions answered!!


Conference Price
Come to the conference in person at the Church for ONLY $50.  The fellowship and encouragement you will receive will be a huge blessing as you serve the Lord in the technology ministry in your local church.

Live Stream
Can’t make it to this location?  Then check out our live stream/interactive option!  We will provide constant live stream of each session and workshop.  Lord willing we will have interactive chat to ask questions of the speakers.





Friday – November 13 

2-4PM  – Technology for the Pastor

Blogging / Video / Social Media / Powerpoint Options

6-7PM  – Registration

7PM  –  Session 1

Less Hassle!  Technology and the Church

Guest  Artist/Illusionist – Tom Coverly

Keynote – Chris Brown

Closing –  snack time – “party” to show appreciation for the tech guys in our churches 

Saturday – November 14

9AM  – Workshop #1 – choose from 4

10:30AM   – Workshop #2 – choose from 4

Lunch – Area Restaurants or Summit U Cafeteria 

1:30PM  –  Workshop #3 – choose from 4

2:45PM  –  Workshop #4 – choose from 4

4:00PM  –  Closing Session –  Questions? Sharing! Resources. This will be a time to share your favorite resources in ministry and interact with the entire attendees. 

Moderator – Chris Brown



Ask Questions 

These workshops are designed for you to ask questions and interact with each speaker.

Send Us Your Suggestions

We are also looking for suggestions to add to each workshop or create additional ones based on your needs.  Please contact us with your questions ahead of time.  This might help form the direction of our conference.

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